You hurt me... and i enjoy every moment of it

Author: ATU / Labels:

You hurt me to the bone
That's why i adore you the best
You turn your sight away
When i try to look through your eyes...

You never looked beyond my eyes
It was meant to look different
All that happened broke your attitude
To me, it lies into me, all the faults.

I deserve nothing but shame.
But i know no shame before you
I don't deserve shame for loving
Loving the thing that i'll never get

Time will tell
When it passes itself
Is it now the time to say farewell?
To my illness?


Anonymous said...

yoo dude, is that you wrote? That's cool man. Nice poem

ATU said...

i wrote "things" in "For The Oldman"

himso said...

yugnuu....... :p

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